NBA All-Star Game


The NBA All-Star Game is an exhibition game hosted by the NBA. It puts the star players of the Eastern Conference against the star players of the Western Conference. This is the main event of the NBA All-Star weekend.

The starting lineup of each team is selected by a fan ballot, while the reserves are voted by the head coaches of each team of the respective conference. Coaches cannot choose players from their own team and if a player is injured the NBA commissioner selects a replacement. The head coach of the team with the best record of their respective conference is chosen as the head coach of their own conference team.


The idea of holding an All-Star Game was conceived during a meeting between NBA president Maurice Podoloff, NBA publicity director Haskell Cohen and Boston Celtics owner Walter Brown. At that time, the basketball world had just been stunned by the college basketball point-shaving scandal. In order to regain public attention to the league, Cohen suggested the league to host an exhibition game featuring the league’s best players, similar to the MLB’s All-Star game.

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