The NBL started with thirteen previously independent teams in 1937. The league began as the Midwest Basketball Conference in 1935, but changed its name in 1937 in an attempt to attract a larger audience. The league was created by three corporations: General Electric,Firestone and Goodyear. It was primarily made up of Great Lakes area small-market and corporate teams. The NBL lasted twelve years before merging with the three-year-old Basketball Association of America in 1949, with the resulting combination being renamed the National Basketball Association.

The league began rather informally. Scheduling was left to the discretion of each of the nine teams, as long as the team played at least ten games and four of them were on the road. Games consisted either of four ten-minute quarters or three fifteen-minute periods. The choice was made by the home team. Some of the teams were independent, while others were owned by companies that also found jobs for their players.



All this time i have only been talking about NBA which right now is recognised as one of the major basketball leagues in the world but now I’m going to talk about how this sport came to be. I’ts long history began in 1891 when the game was invented.

James Naismith published 13 rules for the new game. He divided his class of 18 into 2 teams of 9 players each and set about to teach them the basics of his new game of Basketball. The objective of the game was to throw the basketball, into the fruit baskets nailed to the lower railing of the gym balcony. The first public basketball game was played in Springfield, MA, on March 11, 1892.

The first professional league was founded in 1898. Six teams took part in the National Basketball League, and the first champions were the Trenton Nationals, followed by the New York Wanderers, the Bristol Pile Drivers and the Camden Electrics. The league was abandoned in 1904.Then, many small championships were organized, but most of them were not as important as some teams who played for money against challengers.

Then the two major leagues the BAA and the NBL merged to become the NBA , the most important basketball league in the world.